27 May 2009

San Diego Event a Big Success !


We had a terrific fund raising screening in San Diego, with over 200 people in attendance!  Among them were Bill and Claudia San Diego Air and Space Museum AnnexAllen of the Allen Airways Flying Museum.  These two wonderful people, along with Jim Kidrick and the staff of the San Diego Air and Space Museum, helped put the whole event together. The venue was the Museum's annex at Gillespie Field, where various airplanes are restored and refurbished.  It was a place that Pancho herself may have visited in days gone by, a possibilty underscored by a display honoring the members of the famed OX-5 Aviation Pioneers Club. Yes, Pancho was an honorary member . . .

The same day we screened the documentary, Bill and Claudia presided over a "fly in" at the Allen Airways facility that involved dozens of historic aircraft.  Many of the pilots were in attendance that evening, and that made it an extra special event.  Here were people who actually understood the difficulties of flying cross country in an open cockpit, in an airplane that was more fabric than metal!  To top it all off, we had three or four past members of the U.S. Navy Blue Angels in the room, and a relative of San Diego aviatrix -- and one of Pancho's good friends -- Marvel Crosson.  The guests of honor were also friends of Pancho:  Patrice Demory and Brig. Gen. Robert Cardenas.  General Cardenas, who is one of the few people inducted into both the Commando and Aviation Halls of Fame, stayed late to sign autographs and shake hands.

All in all, it was a truly memorable evening.  Thanks to everyone who helped make it a reality, and to everyone who came.