01 August 2009



If you have not purchased tickets to our Los Angeles premiere on Thursday, September 10th, don't delay!  We're on pace to sell out the Aero Theater, and we'd hate for you to be left out.  To purchaJoeJones2se tickets, click on the "Premiere" link on the right hand side of the website.  You can either purchase tickets electronically via Paypal, or through the mail using a downloadable application.  If you do plan to order through the mail, it is advisable at this point to send us an email so that we can make sure to hold seats for you.

So far we've received a lot of RSVP's, including many of the people who appear in the film, and at least one astronaut.  We've also received word that our silent auction will include some wonderful aviation memorabilia, including some memorabilia directly connected to Pancho herself.  Trust us, the Aero screening promises to be a truly special event, that you'll be telling people about for months if not years to come!