16 September 2009

Travel Air Reunion at Flabob Oct. 2nd


The Legend of Pancho Barnes will be screeningTravelAir2 at the West Coast Travel Air Reunion at Flabob Airport in Riverside on Friday, October 2.  This unique fly in event is made possible by the Travel Air Restorers Association and our friends at Flabob, notably John Lyon and Tom Wathen.  For those of you who have never been out to Flabob, it is quite an intriguing place.  The airport was founded in 1925 as Riverside's municipal airport, and retains quite a bit of its historic character.

Pancho probably flew in to Flabob on occasion, and if she did she most likely did so in one of her Travel Air biplanes.  She owned at least two, including a "Speedwing" (so-called because its reinforced wings allowed high speed maneuvering) previously owned by director Howard Hawks.  That was the airplane Pancho used during the recording of sound effects for the movie "Hell's Angels", since its big engine made a heck of a lot of noise.  Of course, Pancho's favorite Travel Air aircraft was her Model R "Mystery Ship".  At the time she owned it, it was the fastest aircraft in the world.  The plane was so impressive that Union Oil put Pancho under contract just as soon as they could, and paid her to fly it up and down the West Coast.

Want to join us at Flabob?  Well, don't wait.  There will be only a limited number of seats available.  RSVP by calling Kathy at (951) 683-2309 x 104, or email her: kathy(at sign)flabob.org

Directions and more information about Flabob are located at this link.