17 December 2006

Combing thru the Los Angeles Times


Combing thru the Los Angeles Times One of the more interesting and let's face it — fun! — bits of research on the film is looking thru the Los Angeles Times database for articles about Pancho. So far we've surveyed hundreds, and there are many more keyword searches to be done. When you consider that Pancho at one time called herself "Florence Lowe" and "Florence Barnes" in addition to "Pancho Barnes", well, you get the idea! Pancho was featured in the Times as a young debutante, and her wedding to her first husband Rankin Barnes made the society pages. As one of California's premiere aviatrixes, she made the headlines repeatedly between 1928 and 1935. Here is one of the more interesting discoveries of late, a photo of Pancho after she'd just set a new speed record flying her Travelair Mystery Ship from San Jose Airport to Van Nuys, in 1:39. A remarkable feature of this flight is that she carried photographic plates snapped at the start of the Stanford-USC game at Palo Alto, and they were in Los Angeles being developed by the time the game ended!