18 September 2010



Unfortunately, "Pancho Barnes Day" — the annual celebration of Pancho's life and legacy — won't be happening this year.  Flighttestnationa That's the bad news.  The good news is that "Pancho Day" should return in 2011 and, drum roll please, this October 1 a truly special (dare I even say, "landmark"?) event will take place not far from the site of Pancho's old ranch.  Those of you who follow our Facebook page know of what I speak ... the USAF is having an open house and invited 100 civilian pilots to fly into the base and land on the lakebed!  The lucky winners of a lottery (supposedly over 1000 people applied!) held on the Flight Test Nation website have just been announced, and you can read the tail numbers here.  Also attending will be a whole other group of people, allowed to drive in to the site by car.  Rumors have been circulating that there will be a special attendee performing as Pancho Barnes at the event.  People are mum about the casting of this person, who the heck would dare try to fill those flying boots?  Guess I'll learn the answer to that mystery on Oct. 1!