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Women in Aviation
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18 September 2010

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PanchoPosterDesigned by acclaimed aviation artist Joe Jones, the 20x30" poster for The Legend of Pancho Barnes and the Happy Bottom Riding Club is an eye-catching portrait of an aviation icon.  Looking at the quality of the finished print, it's obvious that it was a labor of love for Joe — although yes we did pay him a couple nickels for all that work!

Up until September of 2010, in order to get one of these posters there was only one way to get one -- you had to come to one of our screenings!  Well, we've finally succumbed to popular demand, and now we're going to make the poster available to everyone.  So, for a limited time (namely, until our supply runs out) you can have Pancho on your hangar wall. Cost is $20 (and California residents please add $1.95 to cover sales tax) plus $3 shipping, and we'll throw in a free mailing tube and on request, director Amanda Pope and producer/writer NIck Spark will sign your poster.  Act soon and you might get lucky -- we have a limited number of signed Joe Jones prints available.

A limited edition print, on archival quality paper and using archival inks, is also available for $100 each.  This edition is hand signed by Joe Jones -- less than 10 left!  Looks amazing framed.

To purchase either poster, please send an email using the "Contact" link on the main menu, let us know you'd like a poster, and we'll send payment instructions.

Visit Joe Jones' website here to see other astonishing works by our talented friend.

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